Trip to Indy


Last week we went to Indiniapolis to experience the super bowl festivitas

Since we live in Chicago and Indianapolis is 2 and a half hours driving distance away, so we decided to go to Indy to experience the super bowl festivitas and the super bowl village.

Saturday noon we got in the car and drove towards Indy, the time in the car was used more or less on sleeping. When we got to Indy the GPS decided to go through downtown which was crammed with cars, fans and security to make sure the event didn’t end in chaos. But we had to get to Charles’ house where we had to stay for the night. It was only 5 pm. so we decided to go to super bowl village to experience the NFL experience and the zip line. But both were sold out for the day, so we had to get the best out of the situation. We there for decided to go up and down the streets and take pictures of the different events.

We got up on a big parking house where we could snap some great pictures of the whole event. But time passed on and it got late, so we had to get home. We had Charles pick us up  and was looking to grap some food. We drove for an hour and finally got some food (we got a bit lost and had to use the GPS), after eating the food, we talked about heading to town to go visit some clubs and do a bit of partying before super bowl sunday. We got out rather late and the clubs would close in 1-2 hours, so we decided to drive through downtown Indy to experience the city and see parts of the city we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. After that we drove home and got into bed, we had a big night ahead of us.

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY was  finally upon us!

We woke up and it was super bowl sunday and we still did not have a place to watch the game, so the mission for today was to head out and find a place to watch the game. Our plan was to look up some places online and see which of the places we wanted to go to, but we found out that the entry fee was very high so we decided to go to another part of town than downtown, we got into a place at around 2 pm. and was there ’till the game was done. WORST SUPER BOWL EVER! Why did the Giants have to win! Well, more or less every person in the bar was rooting for the Giants – only 2 of us were rooting for the Patriots and were very unpleased when they Giants came up with the “W”. So everything about partying that night was cancelled and we headed home where we watched a movie and went to sleep. The next day we’re heading back to Chicago.