This weekend was BANANAS!!


From start to finish the 2011 Bet Hip Hop awards was insane, SimplyC360 was everywhere and we met a lot of great people. It all started on Friday night, we bounced around from club to club and had a great time. It seemed like the entire
city was at Esso to welcome the King home, we saw Nelly, Young Dro, Nene Leakes, and others. Saturday night everyone was at the world famous Compound. Now to clear up a few things, TI never slapped anyone. Come on now, he doesnt want those problems right after coming home. Diddy was upset that the section behind him ordered 100 bottles of Grey Goose, this was Kenny Burns section, (Atlanta ambassador for Grey Goose) If there was a beef, it was with those two. TI was more so laughing and joking at the situation that all the blast blogs have turned into a beef that it absolutely was not. In the end, all was settled and everything is cool. I have footage coming for you in a couple days with some of the things happening in the city during the weekend, Stay Tuned!