The creative fashionistas in Beijing


Wen is in Beijing Now! I feel such an urge to utter it out loud after the excruciating flight that I experienced. Anyway, everywhere I go, My eyes will be on duty to scout out refreshing fashion looks. Here we go, Beijing!




” Sanlitun” Village

If you travel to Beijing and are craving for the local fashion trend, then ” Sanlitun Village” is THE place you don’t want to miss. It’s the location where Beijing’s hipsters usually shop. So you should not be surprised when you  see an array of distinguished styles that instantly grab your attention. In this picture, the young girl brings the art of multicolor to a new heights. Personally, I need to garner more courage to walk in this outfit on the street, but we should all know… what fashion boils down to is personality, and the way you choose to express yourself outwradly.

I spotted this lady in a music festival. Her intention to minimize the complexity of her look does’t necessarily shield her delicate fashion sense. Red, white and black, these three colors are the eternal classic colors matches together. Not only does she apply the three colors in her outfit, she also extends this principal to the accessory. Simple look, but big impact. I love it.

Beijing is such a diverse city and there’s no shortage of eye catching street looks, I feel so honored to be able to couch the first hand fashion trend in Beijing to you via this blog. I will keep posting in the following days while I’m in Beijing, hope you are ready for the blast!

Now, it’s time for me to get a blast for the local food I have been mouth watering for for the past semester! God, Hope  I won’t be overjoyed :)