About us

Executive Producer/Project Manager

Cherie Buchanan is a native of Chicago Illinois, and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. She has over 17 years experience in marketing, sales, and promotions… has received numerous awards. In 2009, Cherie was drafted into the entertainment industry & began a media/video production company. She has since led Simply C Productions, LLC into major markets such as Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, etc… Her creativity and love for people ignited a series of celebrity interviews and VIP events. One of Cherie’s most memorable moments was spending time with Robert DeNiro & his wife, Robin Williams, and a host of “A-List” actors in New York. That moment and their encouraging words inspired her to set even bigger goals and dream even bigger dreams! Cherie has produced and directed several nationwide events, video segments, and currently has two feature films in the making. She gives credit to her mentors, advisory board, and production team for the success they have achieved. Cherie has also mentored and given experience to a variety of students from across the globe. Her motto is “Love the world, and it will love you back!”

Nate Hapke- Director

Nate Hapke is a director from New York who has the pleasure of working with Simply C Productions on two documentary films, thus far. Nate is excited to see both films moving towards post production and cannot wait to show them to the world. Growing up Nate was always drawn to comedy and drew inspiration from Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, and George Carlin. Nate was very passionate and motivated to tell the stories of current stand-up comedians from the “Second City” and to showcase them in a documentary format. Nate is currently in New York and has worked full time at the Disney/ABC Television Group.

Bryan Butt- Editor

Bryan Butt is an editor and cinematographer of motion picture video and film. He grew up 30 miles southwest of Chicago in Lockport, Illinois. His interest in film and video came from a variety of things… At a young age his best friend owned a video camera, he has a love for entertaining people, and he isn’t afraid to take risks and become a problenm solver. After several short forms of video and a zero dollar budget feature by the time he was 18, it was off to film school for Bryan. He attended and graduated from Columbia College in Chicago. From there, he landed a job teaching at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, where he enjoyed being able to impart his knowledge on the students utilizing the technical and business sides of the production spectrum. Bryan has since relocated to Iowa City and is editing full time. In his spare time he likes to write, shoot, and edit short films. His friends often make fun of the fact that even when he comes home from work, he still wants to work some more. Bryan met Cherie Buchanan & Nate Hapke through a contact in Chicago, and he states… “Right away, I was driven to the work that Simply C Productions had been doing, and I’m glad I have been taken on board for their projects!”

*Our entire team stretches across several states and consists project managers, production assistants, camera operators, editors, and other very professional, yet approachable people with big dreams and a commom goal.

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360 Trailer from Mansfield Martinez on Vimeo.

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