Do You Know Where You’re Going to?


Do You Know Where You’re Going To?
The most prophetic and profound lyrics I’ve heard came from a movie called Mahogany: Starring Diana Ross and Billie Dee Williams. The lyrics goes as follows:
Do you know where you’re going to/ Do you like the things that life is showing you/ Where are you going to/ Do you know/ Do you get what your hoping for/ When you look behind you there’s no open door/ Do you know……
These lyrics have stuck with me all my life. During my life, I was always amazed how the people I had met, along the way, were living those lyrics. In fact, most people don’t know where they are going to, nor do they have any idea of a purpose to call their own. Unfortunately, people go thru life allowing life to shuttle them right along, and accepting whatever life is showing them. I wonder…….Do they know?
I can’t say I saw happiness in their eyes when I talked with them. In fact, their eyes had sort of a glazed over look to them. It was if they were in a spell. Life had given them a boring ride and you could tell it by the look in their eyes. And as we all know, the eyes never lie.
You ask them the question, Do you like what life is showing you? And they respond. “It’s ok! It is what it is!”
How can life ever be just ok? Or, It is what it is? …It’s life! It’s that one fantastic time , that one miraculous shot, for you to have an extraordinary experience here on earth. And that fabulous experience is all about being right here, right now, doing what you enjoy doing- whatever it may be. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as YOU are happy in your experience doing it. Also, that it does not hurt anyone else in the process. In fact, your happiness expands even more when your purpose helps others.
There will always be others telling you what you SHOULD be doing. You have heard it all your life. It started with your parents, your teachers and also from your peers. But know this as fact. There is only one life, and that life is yours. You can’t live anybody else’s life and nobody can live yours.
You have come into this world with a very unique gift. Your journey, and your purpose, is to discover those gifts, and when found , use them to enhance your life and attract to yourself an abundance of happiness and joy. The reason you have to find them is because it is not the destination in this life you seek, but the journey you take to seek it. When your present life is over, it will simply be over (For this journey anyway.) So how real is a so called destination? There is no learning there. The knowledge and the wisdom is, and will always be, in the journey. Your journey!
We have always asked the eternal question, “What is my purpose?” If you change the question, you might find your answer. How about asking, “What brings me the most joy and happiness?” When that answer comes to you, then you might have found your purpose. Then you should focus with every fiber in your body to go seek that answer out, and never let anyone stand in your way of acquiring your goal.
I don’t believe in wasting life. Life should be lived fully. The pedal should always be to the metal and your doors should always be wide open and ready to be blown off. Because, the last thing you want to say when you are facing your last moment here on earth is, “I wish I would have…”
That’s the worst disease ever..The “I wish I would have” disease. You sure don’t want to catch a case of that in your old age. Whew! That disease right there will tear your heart out and leave you on the ground mumbling and filled with regret. However, the cure for this horrific disease is to live life at it’s fullest.
It seems to me that you would want to say, “I did everything I could do and dreamed of”. Or, “at least I tried, And I’m ready to go with no regrets! I’ve laughed my heart out and I have cried with joy. I’ve loved with all my heart and have received love deep within my soul. I did what gave me joy. And I shared my joy with others….I am complete!”
It’s never about the money or the fame or what others think of you. It’s all about…Are you living life with all your heart? Are you happy? Are you filled with joy? Are you enjoying life’s ride? Are you helping someone find their joy? Get into this mindset real fast and say yes! Say yes to all that is positive in your life and mean it. Be grateful for your life and life will reveal great and beautiful things to you!
How many times do I have to say, “You are the beautiful reflection of the source that created you”! With that being said, you should always reflect back to your appreciation! Do you grasp this meaning?
You are a powerful spirit having an incredible human experience. You will always hear me speaking this wisdom because of the profound effect it has on all of our lives. And when we forget this very powerful understanding, we will always fail to live our lives to its fullest.
Know who you are…a beautiful and powerful spirit. Know that in this life it is your birthright …to live with great joy, great abundance, and great love. Know this and your life will change in an instant. Simply by changing your mind to this understanding, your life will show you a new perspective, a new truth. The truth that you ARE …Great Joy! Great Abundance!…and Great Love!….. For that is what your CREATOR is….and that is the image he was referring to…….when he created you!
Remain forever peaceful,
Your friend in life
Christopher B!

Know thyself and be at peace……One Love, One World…Christopher B.