Bulls @ Heat


Could the Bulls beat LeBron and the Heat?

LeBron James and the Miami Heat was the best team Sunday night in Miami.

The Heat led most of the game, but the Bulls were in position to take the lead late in the fourth quarter. Trailing 94-93, guard Derrick Rose missed two free throws with 28 seconds remaining and missed a short jumpshot in the paint that could have tied it with seconds left.

Derrick Rose look like he was a bit tired in the fourth quarter, and that could be the reason that he missed two free throws and the short jumpshot. Maybe if Luol Deng was playable, he could had give Rose some rest

The Chicago Bulls are now 8-4 on the road.

The Bulls have a game Monday night against Washington Wizards in Verizon Center, Washington,DC.

Let’s hope they can bounce back!