“A Mayan Tale” Fashion Show, Fabulous!


On Friday night, fashion designer Anna Fong closed out Chicago Fashion Week with her ” A Mayan Tale” fashion event, showcasing her 2012 spring collection. I am Anna’s assistant, and our crew had been at the Black Stone hotel since noon that day getting everything ready. Although it was a whirlwind, It felt so rewarding. I was ecstatic to see a packed venue and the complete show unveiled without a hiccup. Even the entire show lasted less than 2 hours, it’s the accumulation of everyone’s effort, and being part of it, that made me get so emotional when I witnessed we managed to bring it to fruition. More than that, I’m so proud of Anna! She is such a talented designer. She impressed everybody who attended with the regal flair of her designs, which shine in her distinctive runway show.

Without further ado, now it’s EXCLUSIVE pictures time!! Video clips will be presented in SimplyC TV shortly!

models doing the rehearsal:

Anna is making sure everything looks perfect before it’s on the stage.

On the runway

With some of my model friends ♥

Fashionistas! I believe we all share the same appreciation for fashion, it’s a fine art. It’s inspiration & imagination. I♥Fashion. Are you with me?♥