Blackhawks @ Canucks


Could the Blackhawks win the first road game in their 9 straight road games?

Victor Stalberg & Coach Q

It started very good for the Blackhawks, with both Patrick Sharp and their Captain Jonathan Toews back in the lineup, but it was a tough match against goalie Corey Schneider and the Vancouver Canucks.

The game ended 2-2 in regular and in the OT Victor Stalberg had a great breakaway, but didn’t get a shot on the net, and right after Daniel Sedin scored with 1:23 left in overtime to give the Canucks the 2 points.

Canucks’ goalie Corey Schneider had one of his best night with 37 saves and a lot of them were very great saves. It’s hard to say when you are cheering for the Blackhawks, but Corey Schneider was the best man on ice Tuesday night.

The road game against Vancouver Canucks was the first of their 9 straight road games.