Watch the Throne ,Chicago


Watch the throne I had an absolute blast at the “Watch the Throne” concert with Jay Z and Kanye West! The United Center was packed and their was a beautiful sea of people of all races. It was nonstop partying!
Watch the throneBeing from the south side of Chicago, I have always had a spot in my heart for Kanye. I also love Jay Z. I’m really proud of both of them… Not only because of their success in the music world, but also for their personal triumphs.They were even at odds a few years ago, but got over their differences, and came together to do big things. Kanye West publicly thanked Jay Z and Beyonce for supporting him through everything and gave honor to his (deceased) mother.
Watch the throneI was truly inspired as they told the crowd how they were living their dreams right there on the stage. They also repeatedly told everyone to go after their own dreams. Being a “dreamchaser” myself, it brought tears to my eyes. They started out as young boys with very humble beginnings, and are now grown men selling out venues across the world!!
Watch the throne

I know maybe you were expecting to see the whole concert, but i was too busy “rockin out” to film… And I’m not getting in trouble for piracy lol! I hope you enjoyed the clips.